With a dynamic team with brilliant ideas and the desire to always offer something new, Casa Bambus is a name in the field, being a leader in this segment in Romania.

Casa Bambus imports and distributes solid wood flooring from Asia, South America and Africa, engineered parquet from Germany, Italy and Austria, the German laminate flooring, interior and exterior doors from Italy, lightings, garden furniture, wallpaper, and other products made of exotic wood.
Casa Bambus showrooms are an invitation for all those who cross the threshold, to admire the products of exceptional quality, made from the highest level, products that satisfy the most demanding tastes.

During the six years of activity, Casa Bambus has managed to develop its network of distributors, through them offering the same services and quality products.
Each continent is well represented part of the essences of solid parquet and the efficient and aesthetic solutions offered by Casa Bambus, arranging each house becomes a beautiful work of art.

Wenge originary from Africa, fits perfectly in a minimalist décor, futuristic, eclectic, keeping a sense of mystery that gives the  "black continent".
From  Asia we import Burma Teak, the most stable wood in the world, essentially as a recommend to be mounted in bathrooms, kitchens, wet areas. Also there Merbau comes recommended to those who want a classic arrangement, more sober, but "warm" by wood properties.

One of the most attractive proposals represents Tauari, a floor originary from South America, a specie similar to European oak, but much more seductive with color palette. Essences imported from South America, especially Brazil, gives elegance, unique, noble, style and personality, not often give the impression that some of the vibration transmitted to the Rio Carnival.
By the 3layer flooring imported from Austria, Germany and Italy, Casa Bambus clients are offered a wide range of specifications and colors. Slides processed one Plank and three-strips can be used successfully in various types of facilities, compatible including Underfloor heating.

Admonter, one of the top producers in the market for 3layer flooring propose European wood with different finishes and by wood thermotreated, ensure natural colors, without using stains or dye products.
For those who are not indifferent to how a house is decorated, Casa Bambus recommend the 3layer flooring Haro, available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and specifications. Also from Haro we import an impressive collection of laminate flooring and Celenio, a composite of wood and stone, is an exclusive collection, released shortly after. Haro 3layer floorboards products as "Manufaktur" are made from best quality wood, hand-finished.
Egger, a leading provider of laminate flooring, provides us an impressive color palette, a real challenge for architects and designers.
In parallel, Casa Bambus provides its customers with its collection of interior and exterior doors, wallpaper, garden furniture, chandeliers, lamps, brackets, boiserie, special items and accessories.

Italians top suppliers such as: Door 2000, Gardesa, Henry Glass, Tiziano Rubini, Trep-Trepiu, Ferrero Legno, ensure that interior and exterior doors which they produce are of highest quality, are the last appearances in the field, they  offer exclusive products, marked by a passion for design. Thanks to our team which is offering permanent assistance,  we make sure  that doors distributed in Romania keeps for a long time  shape, color and technical characteristics.

From simple door, rolled up to solid wood or glass doors, veneered or leather, Casa Bambus offers a collection of elite, exclusive products, carefully designed in every detail.
Casa Bambus comes to holders of terraces and gardens with outdoor wood - deck as known as specialty vendors. It is made entirely of wood, toughest species: Itauba, Garapa, Teak, Cumaru, Bangkirai and  it can be used for alleys, pontoons, facades, etc..
To a particularly garden, will offer, in addition to Deck's, garden furniture, putting our team will provide ideas and proposals designed to help you create a "piece of heaven."
Feeling can not be described, must be ...lived! - it is free for those who want us to design a harmonious home with natural materials, with a professional team.